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Our Services

Comprehensive Earthwork & Utilities Development

Ryatt provides our one-stop-shop model of services throughout Washington State and Arizona. From residential work to commercial projects, we cater to your project requirements and are well-equipped with the labor and machinery to perform any of the services listed below. Please contact us for a quote on any size project. Small or large, we’re here for you!

Site Development

  • Demolition

  • Grading & excavation

  • Shoring support

  • Infiltration testing


  • Permitting

  • Restoration including asphalt & concrete work

  • Contaminated soil remediation, methane mitigation

Utility Work

  • Wet utilities installation: Water, sanitary & storm

  • Dry utilities: Electrical, low volt & gas

  • Storm drainage systems: Detention, retention & mitigation

  • Main line extensions

  • Sewer lining

Utility Work
Ryatt Construction excavator operator in machine
Ryatt equipment operator working with site crew
Worker developing construction site and tamping dirt


We have expanded our services to offer concrete cutting for all utility and restoration needs. We have a fully equipped truck with top of the line machinery and an experienced concrete sawcutting operator.


All we need from you are the details to get you on our schedule. For an additional cost, we can bring in traffic control, and/or project labor to take care of the full scope. Otherwise, you can provide a laborer to set up traffic control and run the vacuum while we get the job done!

Sawcutting machine cutting concrete
Large excavator moving dirt for residential construction
Shooter Truck Rentals
Ryatt Construction shooter truck

Shooter Truck Rentals

We offer two shooter trucks for rent to help clients and project teams access constrained sites and work areas that other equipment can't reach. Or even just to speed up your backfill process.


Our experienced drivers know exactly how to get the job done and can operate in even the tightest spaces! 

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