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Sewer Lining

Cracked, broken or failed sewer & storm pipes can be remedied simply and inexpensively with lateral lining. Our sewer pipe lining process effectively repairs cracked, leaking, backed up and damaged sewer lines. This service is performed “no dig,” meaning there is no yard excavation, sidewalk destruction or digging up plants or trees. The process involves inserting new epoxy-saturated pipe-liner into existing pipes, bonding and curing it into place.


  • Inspect and clean the damaged pipe.

  • Measure the pipes. The pipe-liner material can be cut to exact length.

  • Mix the 100% epoxy resin and pour into liner to impregnate it.

  • Load pipe-liner into launching unit.

  • Insert the pipe-liner into the pipe, using an air pressure inversion process.

  • The pipe-liner material turns inside out, so resin bonds with the existing pipe.

  • Wait 3 hours for the resin to cure.


  • Once resin has cured, the pipe is ready for service.

  • Cured in place pipe-lining (C.I.P.P.) pipes are ready for mother nature's curve balls and are guaranteed to last a minimum of 50 years.

  • Inexpensive and non-invasive compared with traditional pipe replacement.

  • No digging or landscape repair.

Before image of sewer pipe lining
After image of sewer pipe lining
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