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Our Services: Washington State

Infiltration Testing

We offer infiltration testing for infiltrating BMP's (Best Management Practices). The Simple Infiltration Test is a small-scale infiltration test procedure adapted from the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington.  This consists of digging a minimum 2 foot wide hole by 2 foot deep hole. 

Next, we complete a 'pre-soak period' in which we fill the hole with 12 inches of water. We will take two measurements: One at hour #1 and the other at hour #2.  Depending upon the amount that the water infiltrated will determine how often measurements are taken and for how long. Once the test is fully completed we will complete a report to give to the city of Seattle for review.

Digging hole for infiltration testing in yard
Examining infiltration testing hole with shovel in hand
Using mini skid steer to drill infiltration testing hole
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